IELTS Student Testimonials

MarissaMarissa : “Ah, IELC. Where do I even start? I’ve been a part of this great place for a long time, and the staff members are like family to me. When I first did my IELTS test, I struggled a lot with my writing skills. I only just made it through the minimum standard needed to continue my university studies in Australia. It’s been over 5 years since my last IELTS test, and I did a re-test recently as part of my Australian PR, and Nursing application. I still follow the numerous advice given to me by my teachers back then ( read the questions… plan out your essay..), and I was stoked when I found out that I got a perfect 9.0 in both listening and writing! So thank you. Thank you for all the advice, and for being awesome through all these years.” IELTS Score : 8.5                                                                                                                              
VannyshaVannysha : “IELC gave me exactly what I was going to have in the IELTS test which helped me understand what I was supposed to prepare. I had a lot of fun learning with the teachers here. They are easy to converse with, whether about our experiences or common interests. Through those conversations, I got the practice that I need and also the useful tips and tricks. I am definitely grateful for the skills and confidence that I acquired during my time here in IELC.” IELTS Score : 8.5





TiffanyTiffany Christy : “IELC has been a place I’ve been part of for quite a long time. Despite my short absence for studying in Australia, the staff members are still as friendly as I remembered. IELC certainly has contributed a lot of improvement to my English skills, especially for my reading skill, in which I tend to miss details. Despite my nervousness on the actual IELTS test day, the advice given by the teachers and staff members allowed me to perform pretty well, not only surpassing my initial target, but also achieving a 9.0 for listening and reading, which is a great achievement for my first IELTS! A huge thanks for all teachers and staff members at IELC for helping me achieve this score, and I can certainly say that my results would not have been as good without any of their help.” IELTS Score : 8.0



ValentinaValentina Kania P. Artari : “Learning at IELC is one of the greatest learning experiences I’ve had in my life. The materials given were extremely useful. The teachers are experts, they have not only mastered the English language, they have mastered the best way to explain the language skills to their students. The staff are also really helpful, they are friendly and were always available whenever I needed help. The facilities are also well-maintained, giving me a positive learning environment. IELC has taken such a great care of me. Overall, I’m truly satisfied.” IELTS Score : 8.0          





NicoNico Hans Christian : “I choose IELC because it simply is the best. The flexible schedules and customized syllabuses help me improve my weaknes. The friendly staff and learning environment also create a productive atmosphere where i could keep my focus in my practices. Furthermore, the teachers are caring and give many helpful feedbacks that encourage me to push myself so that i could be better. I believe, with IELC, i can expand my capability and reach my full potential.” IELTS Score : 8.0






Michael ChristianMichael Christian : “Learning at IELC has helped me a lot. At first I wasn’t really confident in taking the IELTS test. But after taking lessons at IELC, my worries were gone because now I know the tips and tricks for IELTS. As a result I got an average of 8.0. Thank you IELC.” IELTS Score : 8.0








MelinaMelina Thadea Rangga : “I took IELTS to measure my abilities in English. To my surprise, IELTS was not as hard as I imagined it would be. Personally, the listening exam was the one that I had most confidence in. I think listening to music and watching English movies (without subtitles) have been a great help to me. I think the reading exam was both easy and difficult at the same time, because the answers were mostly easy to find. For writing, I’m honestly glad that I took IELC’s IELTS preparation course, because the teachers helped so much, giving me advice and corrections, and thanks to them I think I did pretty well. Speaking was my weakest skill so I tried to do whatever it took to improve it and my speaking classes really helped. Overall, preparing for the IELTS did improve my English skills and one thing that I would suggest is don’t be too nervous, just prepare yourself and go with it.” IELTS Score : 7.5    


Filia KumalaFilia Kumala : “When I first came to IELC and took the IELTS placement test, I got under 5.0 for reading. After I studied in IELC for 3 months, I got an 8.0 on the real test IELTS Reading test. I didn’t expect that score. IELC taught me the easiest way to understand and use English properly. They also motivated me when I was depressed, not only the teachers but also the staff. This was my first IELTS test and I am really satisfied with the result. Thank you IELC.” IELTS Score : 7.5            





Steven YeremiaSteven Yeremia : “When I first came here, my English was really bad. I couldn’t write an essay correctly. But after studying in IELC for a while, my English began to improve. The place is nice & comfortable for studying. The teachers are very competent and the staff are all nice too. Studying in IELC is one of the best choices I’ve made in my life” IELTS Score : 7.5              

ValerieValerie Nathania : “Thanks to IELC for helping me with the IELTS test. At first, I didn’t expect much because my destination university doesn’t require an IELTS score, but now I’m very satisfied with the result.” IELTS Score : 7.0

AfrizalAfrizal Doewes : “Alhamdulillah, I could reach the target of my IELTS score after I joined the IELTS preparation course in IELC. The teachers are very competent and the staf are all very friendly. Thank you IELC!!!” IELTS Score : 7.0

KaliaKalia Meliz : “During my course in IELC Kawatan, the teachers and staff had been very accomodating to students’ need and the environment is friendly. Thanks to IELC, now I can pursue my dream to study in The UK.” IELTS Score : 7.0

DavidDavid Harendza : “I took a super-packed course in IELC because of the deadline that I had to meet. The total preparation time for me before taking the IELTS test was only one week. I’m very glad that IELC has a well-stucture course plan that is very effective in developimg the skills that I needed to improve for the IELTS test. IELC was also very flexibel with the course schedule. With the great teachers quality and a well-stuctured course, IELC is simply the best place for IELTS preparation.” IELTS Score : 7.0    

PutriPutri Permatasari : “Thank you IELC for helping me going through the learning process in order to get the expected IELTS score. I would love to recommend IELC to my work colleagues. I hope IELC could do more great works in helping students to schived their study goals.” IELTS Score : 7.0    

Desi PrawitaDesi Prawita : “I have made the right choice to study IELTS in IELC. The teachers and staff are very helpful and friendly. Practicing IELTS almost every day was an interesting activity to do. I never felt bored and I ever enjoyed it very much. As a result, I got 7.0 for my first IELTS test. IELC is the best place to develop our English skills.” IELTS Score : 7.0

Rai HasbiyaRai Hasbiya : “This was my second time taking IELTS test after my first IELTS had expired, and it was also my second time having IELTS preparation at IELC. It was an easy decision for me to choose IELC again as my learning partner. There is no doubt that IELC has give me such an immense learning experience, each of the session I attended has enriched my skills and boosted my confidence in surpassing my target score. Even though I only got one week of intensive IELTS preparation I could achieve my goal in maintaining my IELTS score. For the last 2 years I think IELC has shown a remarkable improvement in preparing its students for IELTS. They have more concise content of learning and hits that are more directly targeted to the critical features for each test, especially in writing, which are so much helpful! Thank you IELC  Always improving.” IELTS Score : 7.0    

FionaFiona Natasha : “When I found out that I needed an IELTS score to apply to the university I wanted to, I was scared. Everyone said that IELTS was really difficult and it was hard to get a high score. So, I went to IELC to prepare for my IELTS test. First time I took a lesson, it was really difficult for me. But then, the teachers and the staff here always helped me when I had to struggle with my IELTS lessons. The teachers really monitored my progress and always motivated me to do better. They spotted my weak points and they pushed me to try harder. In addition, the staff are also helpful. They always scheduled everything properly and are really friendly. To conclude, IELC has the best facilities and methodology for students to learn English.” IELTS Score : 7.0      

Loresta Lintang 241x300Loresta Lintang : “Studying at IELC never fails me. I love all of its teaching aspects which IELC offers. All teachers are outstanding with their high level of English skills. Not only do they teach English, they also motivate me. Also, the modules are excellent and challenging. The staffs are always helpful and friendly which make the learning atmosphere more enjoyable. Lastly, I want to thank IELC for providing me with the highest quality of English especially IELTS, so I managed to get IELTS score that I need. Thank you IELC!” IELTS Score : 7.0          

Vinami 241x300Vinami Yulian : “I feel so happy because I got 7 in IELTS and it was beyond my expectation. Massive thanks to IELC, for all the tutorial, tips, tricks as well as the motivation. Learning IELTS at IELC was a really great experience since IELC provided all the things that I needed. I loved the environment, very nice staff and tutors. xoxo” IELTS Score : 7.0

Yunus Sulistyo 241x300Yunus Sulistyo : “I think IELTS is a good test. It covers more aspects in measuring language acquisition than the other test. Learning English in IELC Solo was amazing. I value every moment while I was studying there. The greatest asset of this institution is the teachers. The staff are also amazing. Overall, IELC is the perfect place to study English in Solo.” IELTS Score : 7.0

WahyuWahyu : “IELC has been very helpful with my preparation for IELTS. They have given me the opportunity to reach an overall score which was beyond my expectations. IELC has good tutors, helpful staff and provides lots of sample tests for the students. Thank you IELC, I will never forget my great experience here at your school.” IELTS Score : 7.0              

Huda K. MaulanaHuda K. Maulana : “The first impression I had when I entered IELC for the first time was the incredible work ethic they have. “They” here does not only refer to the tutors, but also refers to the staff. They always push me to do more. Not only pushing me to do more, the tutor and the staff know exactly what they are doing. Moreover, I find the facility is complete and supportive. It creates academic atmosphere that supports your learning activities. Overall, I feel choosing IELC is worth the money and worth the time.” IELTS Score : 7.0

Elizabeth EkawatiElizabeth Ekawati : “It was a huge relief to have achieved my target IELTS score. Thank you to IELC for helping me. My result was fine & now I can sleep tight. Overall preparing for the test at IELC really improved my skills.”IELTS Score : 7.0                

Majesty EmmanuelaMajesty Emmanuela : “My motivation is to do more than just the average. I am the type of person who lacks confidence. IELC encouraged me to give my very best. Every time I went to IELC, even the front desk staff motivated me to be more confident. IELC accompanied me with every single step I took.They provided me with everything I needed to achieve my optimal score on the IELTS test. If I now stand here with a good score, it’s a big thanks to IELC.”IELTS Score : 7.0

TegarSatrio Tegar Gunung Koraag : “Thanks to IELC for supporting and preparing me for the IELTS test. This was my first test and I can achieve my target. The program was really helpful for me, especially for my writing and speaking skills. As a result, I can achieve my university requirements. Thank you IELC.”IELTS Score : 6.5                

LulusLulus Kurniasih : “First I want to say thank you to all IELC teachers and staff that are really helpful and supporting. Learning IELTS at IELC is very useful, I feel my English is better. As a result, I can get the IELTS score that I need.. The teachers have a high level of English skills, especially in IELTS preparation. Overall, I’m satisfied with the learning process thank you.”IELTS Score : 6.5              

YohannesYohanes Cakrapradipta Wibowo : “First, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to IELC because by attending their courses I had received my target. The teachers are friendly and very familiar with their students. They know that the weaknesses and strengths of their students thus they know everything to improve the student’s English skills. I absolutely recommend IELC to anyone who is looking for the best place to study English.”IELTS Score : 6.5    
PringgoPringgo : “First, I want to say thank you to IELC for giving me the IELTS preparation. It was my first time to have an IELTS preparation and an IELTS test. The curriculum and methods of IELC program are awesome. The teachers and staff are also nice and kind. IELC gives advanced strategies to gain the optimum score band. Thank you IELC for everything.”IELTS Score : 6.0
   Dennisa B : “The IELTS Preparation Course at IELC was exciting and engaging. The teachers were not boring and they could explain the lesson very clearly. As a result, I passed my IELTS with the required scores for entering the university of my choice. Thank you, IELC. ”IELTS Score : 6.5